In Hindu tradition, blessings have a great significance. We all take blessings and good wishes from elders and acquaintances before going for important work. Marriage is a life changing and auspicious event. Thus, it is very crucial to take aashirvaad and best wishes before starting this new journey. This is why people invite all relatives and friends to the marriage ceremony. Today, the persistent pandemic is preventing people from participating in social and cultural functions. It is causing an inconvenience in providing and accepting blessings from the elders. Mr. Vikas Yadav, the founder of Online Aashirvaad, has introduced this unique platform, keeping in mind this disquiet.

How to Use Online Aashirvaad?

  • It enables you and your family members to receive blessings in terms of money from their associates through this portal.
  • After creating an account here, the user will get a personalized profile page for sharing with the associates.
  • This profile link will be activated until the date you specify in the sign up form at the time of registration on our website.
  • Your associate can send you money as blessings using this link.
  • Once the date of the ceremony will get over, you will get the amount collected to your given bank account.

Why We Are Different From Other Digital Wallets?

The amount you get will be accumulated as blessings here. We do not support any other forms of transactions except receiving blessings using this secure platform. This is how our platform is different from a payment gateway. Unlike other digital wallets, this web portal solely carries the ideology of the tradition of receiving blessings. We just want you to have a happy and prosperous life, taking blessings from your close ones.